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SBA SBLC Lenders List

A Small Business Lending Company (SBLC) is a lender that has received a certification from the SBA to offer 7(a) loans in all 50 states. An SBLC must be a non-depository financial institution, or in other words, a lender that is not a bank.

SBLCs are few and far between. In January of 1982, the SBA decided that only 14 SBLC licenses can be in use at the same time. That means a new SBLC is only created when another SBLC relinquishes their license, allowing it to change hands. Typically, many years, or even decades, pass before a new SBLC enters the market.

Institutions that accept deposits, as in banks, savings and loans, and credit unions, can be certified to offer 7(a) loans, too, but they are not SBLCs. Only a non-depository lender can become a licensed SBLC.


  • 1) Newtek Small Business Finance – Newtek is a well-established SBLC and ranked first in terms of the number of SBA 7(a) loans issued in 2022 with a total of 1,034 loans. They provide comprehensive financial solutions for small businesses, including SBA loans, business consulting, payroll management, and insurance solutions. Newtek’s commitment to supporting small businesses extends beyond financing, making them a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking holistic support.

    2) Readycap Lending – Readycap holds the second position, issuing 796 SBA 7(a) loans in 2022. They are a reputable SBLC specializing in providing SBA loans to small businesses. Readycap offers a variety of loan programs, including 7(a) and 504 loans, to support business expansion, working capital needs, and equipment purchases. They are known for their efficient loan processing and commitment to exceptional customer service.

    3) Harvest Small Business Finance – Harvest Small Business Finance secured the third position by issuing 207 SBA 7(a) loans in 2022. They specialize in financing options for commercial real estate and small businesses. Harvest Small Business Finance provides tailored loan solutions, specifically SBA 504 loans, to help businesses acquire properties and grow their operations. They have extensive expertise in the commercial real estate sector.

    4) VelocitySBA – VelocitySBA ranks fourth, issuing 77 SBA 7(a) loans in 2022. They focus on empowering small businesses through SBA loans and offer a range of SBA-backed financing options, including 7(a) and 504 loans. VelocitySBA is known for their commitment to exceptional customer service and providing competitive rates. They leverage their extensive knowledge of SBA programs to help small businesses secure the funding they need.

    5) BHG, dba Fund-Ex Solutions Group – Fund-Ex Solutions Group takes the fifth spot, issuing 74 SBA 7(a) loans in 2022. They offer a range of SBA-backed loan programs tailored to different industries and business needs. Fund-Ex Solutions Group is dedicated to simplifying the lending process and providing quick access to capital for small businesses.

    6) Fountainhead – Fountainhead ranks sixth with 43 SBA 7(a) loans issued in 2022. They combine technology-driven lending solutions with personalized service. Fountainhead offers a wide range of SBA loan programs, including 7(a) and 504 loans, to support small businesses across various industries. They utilize advanced technology platforms to streamline the loan application process and provide quick access to capital.

    7) Lendistry SBLC–  Lendistry holds the seventh position, issuing 33 SBA 7(a) loans in 2022. They are a dedicated SBA SBLC focused on providing inclusive financing solutions for underserved small businesses. Lendistry leverages their expertise in SBA lending to provide accessible capital options and support the success of small businesses. Lendistry acquired its SBLC license from Hana Small Business Lending in 2018.

    8) Centerstone SBA Lending – Centerstone SBA Lending ranks eighth with 31 SBA 7(a) loans issued in 2022. They are a trusted SBLC that specializes in providing SBA loans. Centerstone focuses on understanding the unique needs of each business and tailoring loan solutions accordingly. With their extensive experience in SBA lending, Centerstone has built a strong reputation for their expertise and personalized approach.

    9) First Western SBLC – First Western SBLC secures the ninth position with 19 SBA 7(a) loans issued in 2022. They specialize in providing SBA loans to small businesses, including loan programs such as 7(a) and 504 loans. First Western SBLC aims to be a trusted partner for small business owners, offering personalized loan solutions and expertise to help them achieve their goals.

    10) Immito – Immito ranks tenth with 8 SBA 7(a) loans issued in 2022. Immito is an SBA SBLC dedicated to helping small businesses thrive through SBA-backed financing. They offer customized loan solutions to meet the specific requirements of entrepreneurs and aim to simplify the lending process for quick access to capital.

    11) Capital Spring SBLC – Capital Spring SBLC, acquired by Gulf Coast Bank & Trust in 2017, no longer holds an SBLC license.

    12) The Loan Source – The Loan Source has not made any SBA 7a loans since making 3 loans in 2019.