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The New "Searchable" Directory Listing for Industry Brokers, Agents, and Consultants

For factoring brokers and business financing consultants ,one of the paramount strategies for these professionals to enhance their visibility and credibility in the industry is by getting listed on the IACFB Lenders directories. This listing serves as a testament to their expertise and reliability, offering potential clients a trustworthy resource to turn to. One of the standout advantages of such a listing is the invaluable website URL backlinks it provides. These backlinks not only bolster their online presence but also significantly improve their search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to their websites and thereby expanding their client base. Moreover, being featured on the IACFB Lenders directories amplifies their authority in the industry, instilling confidence among prospective clients.

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Directory Listing Forms for Industry Brokers

The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is an important component of your business and is FREE for any industry broker or consultant who…

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  • you must be currently active in commercial finance
  • you must have an operational website

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Your Basic Listing is totally FREE.  But you can greatly enhance your listing by becoming an IACFB Member.  As a member you can ADD SERVICES, BECOME CERTIFIED, ADD AN IMAGE GALLERY and more.  To become and iACFB member, simply click the GREEN PURCHASE BUTTON below.

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Your Basic Listing (Add or Update)

The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is an important component of your broker relationships with IACFB academy graduates.  All factors and lenders are provided with a FREE basic listing.  Industry brokers, agents, and ISOs additionally have the benefit of a FREE listing by joining our popular Brokers Group on LinkedIn and then simply completing the short form below

This is for your map

Head Shot or Icon?

Upgraded listings for IACFB members include an ICON phote or a head shot.  While lenders will always use a company icon, we strongly recommend brokers and consultants use a “head shot” image since one of your primary goals is to create a relationship with prospective clients.  All will more comforatble if they are familiar with you.  We recommend you use the same or similar image with your LinkedIn profile.

About Your Gallery Images

All IACFB member listings include an image gallery.  This is up to three (3) images placed above your company’s description.  You can use images of your staff, building, operations area, happy customers, preferred industries, etc.  

You can add images through the submissions form on the directories or you can send you images to  Images should be 600px x 400px or similar.  We will size all images for insertion on your listing if required.

Become a Member. Update Your FREE IACFB Listing

About Your Basic Listing

Though the directories are primarily a database for the use of lenders and brokers, we also market the directory to business owners.  Your “Services Offered” can be searched by owners and prospects seeking to work with a LOCAL BROKER which is why we publish your region and a map for office. 

Your Social Media URL are key components for broker success.  LinkedIn alone provides more than double B2B financing contacts and leads than Facebook and Twitter combined.  

Because of its importance to brokers, agents, and consultants, we actually require that you join IACFB’s Group on LinkedIn.  It is totally FREE and essential to your success.

About Your Upgraded Member’s Listing (Members)

Listing your “Preferred Industries” for finacing provides business owners with examples whewre your expertise lies.  If you primarily focus on factoring, your examples should be B2B or business to business industries.  If you primary financing product focus is Merchant Cash Advance, your preferred industries should be examples of B2C operatorsd or business to consumer.

Just as lenders are featured on IACFB Magazine with “Showcases”, IACFB Brokers and Consultants can periodically post articles in our “OPINIONS” column.  Thsi is a great way to create a backlink to your company website.

All IACFB Members have the ability to create an “agency” with sub-brokers or “Sponsored Agent” as lead generators.  Factoring 202 provides complete training on how to create this powerful tool.

With access to the Academy, you can opt for our Class Marker Certifications.  Your “certifications” appear on theface of the  CARDS of brokers and consultants on the directories.  Certifications are the first thing many business owners see when they search your company on the directories.