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Welcome to the Learning Lab

The Learning Lab at Campus IACFB Academy is where you will find all the introductory information about launching a career in factoring and, in fact, you will find an immediate method to do just that with our “Sponsored Agents” Program here at the Campus.  Though this program typically requires a “sponsor” for permanent access, IACFB will act as your sponsor.  This is the perfect method of learning the “basics” of the business for those that are professional bookkeepers, tax preparers, and even “mobile creatives” using the blogs or affiliate marketing websites to earn residual streams of income.

Introductory Videos

As you learn more about the opportunities regarding our industry, you will have access to our Factoring 101 “Lite” training for Sponsored Agents as well as videos we publish on the new Channel at YouTube.  Factoring “Lite” is available to you for your length of your Registered Guest Privileges.  Registered Guest Privileges are typically 10 Days although they may be extended during special promotions or our membership drives.  Registered Guest privileges are only given once.  IACFB Membership is required for access once expires. 

About Your Guest Privileges

As a guest of the Campus you have significant benefits which include:

  • Factoring 101 “Lite” Training
  • IACFB Broker Magazine
  • IACFB’s YouTube Channel
  • IACFB’s LinkedIn Group

Become an IACFB Member.  As a member you will benefit and enjoy these privileges 100% of the time and much, much more.

Factoring 101 "Lite"

As a Registered Guest of the Campus, you have access privileges to Factoring 101 “Lite”.  This is the identical program used by our Freelance Brokers and Commercial Finance Consultants to built their referral networks.  You will have access to the term of your Guest privileges.  

More Introductory Articles at the Magazine

Help small business owners access the capital they need to grow their businesses and earn a commission for your referrals. Learn more about your opportunities as a part time or full time loan consultant / agent in the exciting factoring and asset-based loan industry. 

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