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Campus IACFB

Comprehensive Training Programs for Independent Brokers and Consultants in the Factoring and Alternative Commercial Finance Industry

Welcome to the New Campus Academy at IACFB

As you already may know, IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers offers extensive training programs in for factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants in conjunction with DataMax Marketing Systems, Inc.  By all measure, this is an exceptional industry for exceptional people and with IACFB’s factoring broker course, lessons, and marketing support products, virtually anyone, and we do mean anyone, can position themselves to begin earning a share of the factoring industry’s life-of-account, residual commission income that has made our industry famous.  View the video at left and then select any program below to explore your opportunities.

Easy to Understand Courses and Lessons

Commercial factoring is one of the easiest and fastest ways to finance and grow a small B2B business.  Many business owners, however, are not familiar with factor’s powerful flexibility and ease of access to solve cash flow problems.  That’s where Campus IACFB comes in.  With IACFB’s courses, lesson, and comprehensive training, you can launch you own consulting business assisting other entrepreneurs in their search for much-needed working capital when the “Bank’s Say NO!”  As a broker / consultant, you can work traditionally “in the field” or as a mobile creative online and the comfort of your own home.     

IACFB Membership

  • Accountants 
  • Bookkeepers
  • Receivables / Payables Managers
  • Bank Loan Officers
  • All Factors and Lenders

Agents Program

  • Lease Brokers
  • Merchant / ACH Brokers
  • Private Factor’s Broker Training
  • Mobile Creative Bloggers
  • Homme-Based Affiliate Marketers

Factoring 101 Brokers

  • Home-Based Entrepreneurs 
  • Part Time Professionals
  • Multiple Income Stream Seekers
  • Those “Augmenting” Exisitng Professions

Freelance Consultants

  • Career Consulting Professionals 
  • Full Time Capabilities 
  • Have Existing or Can Build Referral Networks 
  • Affiliate “Marketeers” 

Career Training Courses and Programs
at Campus IACFB at the Academy

IACFB Membership

 Seeking to learn more about factoring and the world of alternative commercial finance?  Interested in augmenting and expanding the income from your current accounting / bookkeeping practice by offering clients needed financial alternatives?  Exploring the mobile creative opportunities you’ve discovered in our industry as a broker or freelance consultant?  Then welcome to IACFB and the training facility at the Campus Academy.   

Factoring 101

The home-based opportunities industry has now discovered what was once an “under-the-radar” career vocation for just the lucky few. That statistic has quickly changed.  For those that can be considered to be modern “mobile creatives” and home-based entrepreneurs, learning about small business finance solutions is truly a game changer.  

Freelance Consultant

The Freelance Consultant Training Course is a comprehensive training package for those seeking to become a true professional Commercial Finance Consultant.   The CFC Program is for full time or soon to be full time career industry consultants.  This is a six-figure career path in a specialized consulting field for those individuals equipped with the personal tools that can take a concept and run with it.