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Welcome to the New Campus Academy at IACFB

As you already may know, IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers offers extensive training programs in for factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants in conjunction with DataMax Marketing Systems, Inc.  By all measure, this is an exceptional industry for exceptional people and with IACFB’s factoring broker course, lessons, and marketing support products, virtually anyone, and we do mean anyone, can position themselves to begin earning a share of the factoring industry’s life-of-account, residual commission income that has made our industry famous.  View the video at left and then select any program below to explore your opportunities.

Career Training Courses and Programs
at the IACFB Academy Campus

Registered Guests of the Campus Academy

 Registered Guests are typically those individuals who are exploring either a part time or full time career in the alternative commercial finance industry.  Registered Guests learn about the industry and its many opportunities through articles and special links.  Registered Guest at the Academy learn about this exciting industry with their access to our IACFB Broker Magazine, IACFB’s YouTube Channel, IACFB’s LinkedIn Group, and more as recipients of our informative periodic emails. 

Sponsored Agent
Training Program

The home-based opportunities industry has now discovered what was an “under-the-radar” career vocation for just the lucky few. That has quickly changed. For what can be considered to be modern “mobile creative” home-based entrepreneurs who have learned the true power of the internet and networking, IACFB’s Sponsored Agent Program is literally the perfect home business to start in today’s challenging economic environment.  With this exceptionally low cost program, individuals are provided quality basic training in factoring, and learn how to earn attractive residual income simply generating financing leads for IACFB.  This “internship” with IACFB includes a “Special” WordPress Agent Landing Page and training which are essential to this program and success.

Professional Freelance Career Training Programs

Available as a stand alone courses for those entrepreneurs ready to make a career commitment to entering the industry, IACFB sets the bar for comprehensive training in this highly lucrative profession.  The Freelance Factoring Broker / Commercial Finance Consultant training course now provides four (4) powerful professional courses for those seeking a true career in the industry and these are the…

  •  Factoring 101 Products Course
  • Factoring 202 Marketing and Productivity Course.
  • Factoring 303 Agency Building Course
  • Factoring 404:  Cash Flows and Consumer Finance Course

This exceptionally LOW COST  training package  provides all the knowledge  needed and required to enter the alternative commercial finance industry as a FACTORING and COMMERCIAL FINANCE BUSINESS LOAN BROKER. This one-of-a-kind career path also includes IACFB’s Certification Exam administered through national respected, Class Marker.