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Welcome to Orientation

Ready to learn about commercial factoring and the business of consulting in the alternative commercial finance industry?  If so, welcome to the Academy and Campus at IACFB.  Whether your goal is to add financing solutions to your business as an accountant or bookkeeper or you are one of today’s enterprising mobile creatives seeking a career as a professional freelance factoring broker / consultant, we welcome you as a member at IACFB,  Taking a moment to read the articles below to learn more.

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Join IACFB and attend the Training Academy.  Learn form the classes and lessons in Factoring 101, 202, and 303 as well as the many articles in the IACFB Magazine and our 200+ page 5-Star Factoring Broker Training Guide.

Choose Your Path

Once you’ve complete your training, take and complete our Proficiency Exam to test your skills at Class Marker.  Then select your industry path from Sponsored Agent, Freelance Factoring Broker, or Certified Commercial Finance Consultant.

IACFB Sponsored

Freelance Factoring
Broker & Partners Program

Certified Commercial Finance
Consultant Program

Who Should Subscribe
Accounting Professionals / Bookkeepers 60%
Mentors (S.C.O.R.E.), SBDC Advisors, Business Consultants 97%
Networking Professionals and Social Influencer 90%
Professional Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers 97%
MCA and ACH Brokers 88%
Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 68%

IACFB Sponsored Agent (Factoring 101 and 202)

This is where it all begins.  Learn more about factoring and the business opportunities surrounding alternative commercial finance by simply joining IACFB.  This is an exceptionally low cost program in which all members will have access to our comprehensive factoring training through…

  • Factoring 101 “Lite” Training on the Magazine
  • Free Chapter 2 Training Guide
  • Sponsored Agent Website with VIDEO
  • Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine

Becoming an IACFB Sponsored Agent is a great way to get your “foot in the door” in this industry and begin to explore your passive income opportunities on a part-time basis.  As you will learn, the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry welcomes all types of individuals, whether their intentions are to develop an exciting full time professional career with a six-figure income potential or just a strictly part-time, home based mobile creative individual exploring multiple passive income streams as a blogger of affiliate marketer, this industry welcomes you.

Who Should Subscribe
Part Time or Full Time Home - Based Opportunity Seekers 90%
Networking Professionals and Social Media Influencers 80%
Professional Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers 70%
MCA and ACH Brokers 35%
Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 80%
Accounting Professionals / Bookkeepers 60%

Freelance Factoring Broker Program for DataMax (Factoring 101, 202, and 303) & Partners Program at IACFB

The IACFB’s Freelance Factoring Broker Program is a “career” program and is available as part of the DataMax Enterprise Website offering.  This is a great program specifically for those new to the industry but career oriented and while some may be working in a different industry or vocation currently, they have a goal towards a full time career as a freelance consultant. 

New: The Partners Program at IACFB

The Partners Program is “special Freelance Broker’s Program where you will team up with IACFB Wholesale Funding.  As a “Partner”, you will operate from an existing IACFB area and website.  This program is perfect for those with career intentions but are forced to continue to work a normal 9-5 job until you have earned enough commission revenue to make the change.  Program features include…

  • Factoring 101,202, and 303 Training Program
  • Factoring 101 Guide (print option available)
  • Certification (Required)
  • Special Website Features Including VIDEO Salesperson
  • Standard Industry Commission Rates of 10% of fees earned.
Who Should Subscribe
Full Time Home - Based Mobile Creatives 90%
Full Time Home -Based Opportunity Seekers 90%
Bloggers 20%
MCA and ACH Brokers Expanding Their Business 88%
Successful Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 90%
Accounting Professionals / Bookkeepers 92%

IACFB Certified Commercial Finance Consultant Program
(Factoring 101, 202, 303, and 404)

IACFB training “sets the bar” when it comes to entering our industry with full time capabilities.  And, the Certified Commercial Consultant Program is designed for “career” oriented entrepreneurs seeking to make business finance consulting a true “profession”.  

The The addition of Factoring 404 takes our training to a completely new level by including… 

  • Factoring 404:  This is a continuing education course and support class for the ultra-popular Discount Notes and Mortgages home-based opportunity as well as Affiliate Marketing Products.

Those entering this program typically utilizes a selected DataMax “SuperSite” to provide greatly expanded consumer product offerings through affiliates.  Such products include mortgage loans, reverse mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and much, much more. 

Questions and Answers

Standard Programs

The current cost of IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is $99.95 Activation / Setup (one time) and then just $9.95 per month.  Includes powerful website with VIDEO salesperson and lead-generating booklet “Offer”.

No.  When we used to teach this course with “live” training for 3 days, we had many refer to this has a “college level” course and well worth the effort and cost (it was over $5,000).  The internet makes these types of courses much, much easier to deliver.  Learning the products is not very difficult at all.

FREE training for “Referrers” is now available at IACFB’s Magazine and referrers can submit prospects for consideration at IACFB.com. 

Referrers can upgrade to Agent status which then includes the DataMax Agent website with VIDEO salesperson.  

Many IACFB members are referred by industry factors for training and those members will typically then direct their prospective clients to their “sponsoring” factor.  Most others such as affiliate marketers and home-business “tycoons” use IACFB. Freelance Consultants select factors and lenders from the IACFB Directory of Factors and Lenders (over 500)

Well, the proper term in the industry is “Clients”, but you will learn factoring terminology in the courses.  To answer your question, almost all Sponsored Agents strictly network, getting referrals for qualified leads.  Freelance Commercial Finance Consultants use a CRM (we train you on Pipedrive CRM) to build lists of prospects who they mail to and cold call.  In the factoring and the alternative commercial finance industry, polls taken each year recognize that rough 50% of all new clients are the result of some kind of networking and the other 50% are the result of direct marketing.  Our Freelance CFCs still use networking for at least 50% of their marketing but also use direct marketing is used as well.

Yes!  We provide all types of specialized websites for Factoring 101 as well as “SuperSites” for Freelance Consultants.  We also provide special website for Affiliate Marketing Agents as well as WordPress Blogs for new to the blogging industry.  We almost do not understand why everyone does not have an easy to operate blog with affiliate links for multiple streams of income.  Remember, factoring income is residual income.

100%:  The success rates for existing practicing professionals such as bookkeepers, accountants, lending officers, lease brokers, etc. is literally 100%.  Once trained and equipped with some factoring knowledge, it is almost impossible that the opportunities do not present themselves to earn referral fees.  Remember, these referral fees are RESIDUAL!

100%  As with existing professionals, if you are operating a successful blog that incorporates some business finance content, it is almost impossible for you not to uncover some opportunities that contact you regarding your content posts on factoring and business finance.  For NEW bloggers, IACFB provides you with the “core” knowledge to help you create your blog and begin earning note only brokered residual commissions but also all types and forms of affiliate commissions.  

Partners Program

Becuase the Partners Program is limited, the subscription IS NOT located with the normal sign up area at DataMax.  If you are…

  • on the IACFB mailing list, you will be notified if your protected location’s website has been activated
  • interested to enter immediately, you can request your area / location to be opened by requesting conference call.  (click here) 

To a great extent, you will work from a protected area since we control the domains and obviously benefit if our websites generate the sales leads and not someone elses.  If you are in a location, we do not duplicate that location.. 

Partners qualify for several bonuses.  Partners…

  • receive $200 each for their first two (2) accepted deals.  This is reimbursement for the cost of the program
  • Program Subscription Reimbursement:  Partners monthly subscription ($13.95) is reimbursed monthly with the submission of three (3) Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

As the Partner, you will receive 25% of the subscription fee ($99.95) for every sponsored agent you enlist. A regular subscription of $99.95 earns the partner $25.  Partners also have the ability to offer promo code discounts to agents of ot to 75% (See details Factoring 303)

Become an IACFB Member

Get involved in this great industry.  Become an IACFB Member and begin learning the industry. This is the perfect way to get your “foot in the door” in the lucrative business of factoring and alternative commercial finance brokering. 

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