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Welcome to Orientation

Ready to learn about commercial factoring and the business of consulting in the alternative commercial finance industry?  If so, welcome to the Academy and Campus at IACFB.  Whether your goal is to add financing solutions to your business as an accountant or bookkeeper or you are one of today’s enterprising mobile creatives seeking a career as a professional freelance factoring broker / consultant, we welcome you as a member at IACFB,  Taking a moment to read the articles below to learn more.

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Become an IACFB Member (Magazine Subscriber)

Join IACFB and begin your career as a broker or consultant in factoring and alternative commercial finance.  IACFB Membership (Magazine Subscription) is FREE and complimentary for those exploring our exciting and professional industry and to become part of IACFB, we highly recommend you also connect to our Factoring Broker Group on LinkedIn.  (Free Membership)

Become an Academy Subscriber (Broker Training)

For those entrepreneurs and especially those mobile creatives ready to invest in a true home-based enterpriese like few others, IACFB Academy provides you with the training and support required to enter the industry successfully and begin earning your share of our industry’s near-legendary residual, life-of-account passive income that has made the profession famous.  (See Pricing)

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Become a Freelance Consultant

Who Should Subscribe
Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs & Mobile Creatives 92%
Bookkeepers and Accounting Professionals 97%
Insurance Professionals 51%
Professional Tax Preparers 70%
QuickBooks Pro Advisors 88%
Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 68%

FREE Member Training

All IACFB members are provide FREE training as Referrers and Agents in our magazine’s Boot Camp.

Step #1: Join IACFB Today! Our FREE Network Membership Opens the Door to the Industry and Opportunity

In today’s challenging inflationary economy banks aren’t lending. And everyday, more and more cash-starved business owners seek options and alternatives. Commercial factoring and other financial products in the alternative commercial industry are most often called upon  to fill void.  They are highly competitive and provide valuable capital resources to their business clients.  

The IACFB Lenders Network

The IACFB Network is expansive, with over 500 members.  These include commercial factors, asset-based lenders, equipment lessors, purchase order finance companies, SBA lenders, and more.

The IACFB Partners Network

The IACFB Partners Network is comprised of Referrers, Agents, and Freelance Consultants.  Although our partners’ network membership is broad and diverse in how they work, they all focus on the independent business development side of the industry and SQL or Sales Quality Lead generation.  

Become an IACFB Network Partner

Becoming an IACFB Network is not only easy, it is FREE.  Our industry is professional and is near-legendary for its method of compensation for industry referrers. 

Who Should Consider a Career as a Network Agent
Full Time Home - Based Mobile Creatives 90%
Full Time Home -Based Opportunity Seekers 90%
Bloggers 100%
MCA and ACH Brokers Expanding Their Business 33%
Successful Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 51%
Accounting Professionals / Bookkeepers 37%

Step #2: Become a Network Agent with a Partner's Web Page and More

With IACFB’s Partner’s Program (PAL) addition to the member’s network, there are “BIG” changes that have now occurred regarding this, our most popular program at IACFB.  Due to the NEW “Searchable” Lenders Directories all referrers have the ability to enjoy a special partners web page by their geographic location.  And the great news is, all agent’s web pages provide back links directly from the directories.   

Agents in the PAL program enjoy…

  • WordPress Web Page
  • Unique Geographic Domain with Free Hosting
  • American Factors and Lenders Listing
  • Additional Training with Agent Certification
  • Higher Commission Pay Out

Becoming an IACFB Agent is the first step to becoming a true broker in the industry.  It’s cost is minimal

Who Should Consider a Career as a Sponsored Agent
Accounting Professionals / Bookkeepers 60%
Mentors (S.C.O.R.E.), SBDC Advisors, Business Consultants 97%
Networking Professionals and Social Influencer 90%
Professional Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers 97%
MCA and ACH Brokers 88%
Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 68%

Step #3: Enter IACFB Academy Training: Earn Sponsored Agent Status

In today’s challenging economy, career opportunities for entrepreneurs involving finance and in particular business finance, are more attractive than ever.  And, of course, one such opportunity that continues to gain prominence is that of a freelance factoring broker. Its an exciting and flexible career with exceptional  earning potential and is also recession resistant. 

A freelance factoring broker is an intermediary who connects businesses in need of working capital with factoring companies or lenders willing to purchase their accounts receivables at a discount. As a freelance broker, you act as a bridge between the two parties, facilitating financial transactions that are crucial for businesses seeking to manage their cash flow effectively.

The earning potential as a freelance factoring broker is one of the most appealing aspects of this career. Here’s why:

  • Lucrative Residual  Commissions
  • High Transaction Volume.
  • Continuous Monthly Income

To get started in a career as a freelance factoring broker, education is crucial.  And there is no more comprehensive yet affordable source of training and support for our industry, than IACFB.

Who Should Consider a Career as a CFC.
Part Time or Full Time Home - Based Opportunity Seekers 90%
Online Networking Professionals and Social Media Influencers 80%
Professional Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers 70%
MCA and ACH Brokers 35%
Cash Flow and Mortgage Note Brokers 96%
Accounting Professionals / Bookkeepers 36%

The Ultimate Home-Based Business for 2024. Launch a Career as a Freelance Commercial Finance Consultant

Commercial Finance Consulting is certainly one of the most unique and exciting career paths available in home-business opportunities today and especially for today’s well-informed mobile creatives.  Because the topic of “finance” is one of the most often requested when individuals using search engines such as Google,  Commercial Finance Consultants build online businesses that excel in providing solutions for those seeking capital, whether for business or for personal use.   

Training, Social Media, Websites, and Affiliate Marketing 

Commercial Finance Consultants take this popular factoring home-based business to an entirely new level.  With this unique financial “pedigree”, brokers will escape their product and service areas to include an almost unlimited plethora of consumer financial products as well as commercial.  This includes popular “cash flow ” consultants products such as discount real  estate mortgage notes, business notes, structured settlement cash outs, inheritance advances, and more.  Additionally, Commercial Finance Consultants focus heavily on affiliate marketing.  They will represent home loans, auto loans, credit card, and much more.  Get more information here at DataMax.