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A Searchable Database of Factors and Lenders for IACFB Members

Directories will be open and fully loaded with updated content November 1st.  Early bird specials will be available on a first come basis during the month.

Accessing the FREE Directories

One of the most important tools available to factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants is an accessible database of “broker-friendly” lending sources.  The IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders is now a FREE Online Resource for members of our community and additionally, provides our members with both NEW listing and marketing opportunities. 

The new directories officially open November 1st, 2023.  They are already operational as we transfer our OLD directory listing to the new “SEARCHABLE” directories.  Additionally, all IACFB members are provided with a FREE broker listing in the directory.  This is the only listing database of its kind to include brokers and consultants that is “searchable” by city and state.  A powerful NEW tool for IACFB members.

How to Use the IACFB "Searchable" Directories

Hundreds of Broker Friendly
Factors and Lenders

New Powerful Marketing Opportunites
For IACFB Members

New "Searchable" Directories Are Officially Open

We are migrating the old directories to the new "searchable" directories weekly

Commercial Factors
Asset-Based Lenders
Alternative Lenders
Equipment Lessors
Brokers / Consultants

Brokers--Get Your Listing Operational

All IACFB Members (factoring. MCA, or commercial finance brokers) can enjoy a FREE broker listing in the “Searchable” IACFB directories.  For a listing, you must…

  • Be an IACFB Magazine Subscriber (FREE) or,,,
  • be an IACFB Member (FREE) 
  • have an operational website with dedicated domain

Setting up your listing is quick and easy….