Academy Pricing (Agent)

2023 Pricing: Sponsored Agent

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Join us and become part of our exciting industry.  Begin your training as an IACFB Sponsored Agent or launch a prestigious new career as a Freelance 101 Industry Factoring Broker. It all begins with our easy to access training classes and lessons available at IACFB’s Magazine. 

  • Take the FREE training at the Campus Magazine
  • Purchase your Program…Sponsored Agent of Freelance Factoring 101 or Commercial Finance Consultant Consultant
  • Begin earning your share of our industry’s residual, life-of-account commission income.

IACFB Sponsored Agent Program
and Word Press Landing Page

IACFB Training Access
$ 99
Plus $9.95 Monthly Hosting
  • Comprehensive Training at IACFB Magazine
  • SA-Series WordPress Website
  • VIDEO Lead-Generating Sales Person
  • Discount Monthly Web Hosting
  • Free Domain with SSL
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Play the Video. Optional IACFB Website

Expanded IACFB Special Website and Operation (Optional)

As mentioned, the IACFB is the “default” sponsor for the Agent Program at the Campus Academy and for most, this is the simplest route to enter the program.  For home business entrepreneurs and mobile creatives, this home enterprise has little comparison when the exceptional income potential as an Agent is compared to the minimal cost of entry. 

  • Standard SA Website (included in Sponsered Agent Program)
  • Optional IACFB Special Website ($99.95)

We recommend the following “Special Website” for all IACFB Sponsored Agents.  Learn more in the video at left and can view the special website using the button below.