Factoring 101 "Lite"

Become a Sponsored Agent

Become a Sponsored Agent

Now that you’ve benefitted from some basic training at the Academy, you now can actually earn referral commissions as an agent. You have enough knowledge to know how to submit a prospect. 

To get more serious in your efforts, however, you should work with a “sponsor” whether it is IACFB or an industry factor. Learn more about these options in the videos at the left.  To sign up, click the GREEN button below.

IACFB for Your Sponsor

As mentioned, the IACFB is the “default” sponsor for the Agent Program at the Campus Academy and for most, this is the simplest route to enter the program.  For home business entrepreneurs and mobile creatives, this home enterprise has little comparison when the exceptional income potential as an Agent is compared to the minimal cost of entry.  Learn more in the3 video at left.

Industry Factor for Your Sponsor

While most that enter the industry under the Agent Program do so through IACFB, we alway recommend working through an actual factor when you feel your ready simply becuase of the additional income available through commissions.  Additionally, any agents will be recruited by factors to provide basis training and that “foot in the door” we have discussed.  Most factors that recruit agents will also be able to provide you with their “promo coupon” for FREE entry  to the program.

Commercial Finance Consultant as Your Sponsor

Working through one of IACFB’s graduates from the CFC Program (Commercial Finance Consultant Program) can often be the perfect segue if you intent to always intent to work full time but want to learn directly as an “intern” from a true business finance consultant.  CFC business finance consultants have been trained in all areas of finance and you are not limited to just factoring if you opt to choose this route.  Find out more in the vieo at right.