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If you have successfully logged in to the Academy, you now have access to the four courses and you can visit them by simply clicking any of the images below.   Additionally, now that you are logged in, you can access any of the areas from the standard MENU at the top of any page.  There are also links in the Academy MENU that can link you directly to Factoring Broker Magazine as well as the NEW Searchable Lenders Directories.

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Whether you intend to become a full time freelance consultanmtAll brokers and consultant or have a more part-time agent business in mind, joining LinkedIn is essential.  A full 91% of B2B marketers share content on LinkedIn.  Join LinkedIn and then join IACFB’s LinkedIn Group.  

IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine is published monthly and is the only factoring broker magazine of it’s kind. The magazine strictly focuses on commercial finance consultants and facoring brokers and provides business generatring tips and strategies each and every month.  (View the Magazine)

IACFB’s Boot Camp is a series of “startup articles for those new the industry and are exploring its amazing possibilities.  Boot Camp is located on the IACFB’s Magazine Front Page.  Although Boot Camp is totally FREE, it is a “member only” area of the magazine and requires your login with your current credentials.

The IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders is a one-of-a-kind directory used by industry brokers to source financing for the clients.  Previously a datase for IACFB members only, it is now an Online Searchable Directory of both industry lenders and brokers and consultants alike.  (View)

All IACFB members are provided with a FREE basic listing in the IACFB’s Directories.  In fact, you only need to be an active alternative commercial finance broker and to have an operational website and you can quickly set up your listing.  It is quick and easy and here is an IACFb YouTube video to show you exactly how

IACFB now sponors four playlists on our growing YouTube Channel and these videos can be highly beneficial to New IACFB Members in helping to better understand the industry and the important part played by independent agents, brokers, and consultants.  When viewing, make certain you subscribe as well.

IACFB Referrers and Registered Guest Training

If you’re new to IACFB and have yet to explore your options as an industry independent broker, we recommend you spend a few minutes viewing the informative articles.  One of the many Boot Camp articles will explain in detail the advantages of each program available to you as an IACFB member electing to become a referrer for a member factor, CFC, or IACFB itself. 

A professionally designed website is critical for your operations whether you intnend to operate as a part-time agent or as a professional freelance factoring broker or commercial finance consultants. For IACFB Members.  Through DataMax Marketing, IACFB provides an entire suite of websites and website hosting.

In addition to IACFB, our factors and lenders that are IACFB Members have the ability to provide their network of referrers with Factoring 101 training FREE under the IACFB Registered Guest Program.  For many new members, this is a great way to launch a new home-based business.  Once you have been provided your “Guest Credentials” click here to begin.

IACFB’s Academy is the factoring industry’s most affordable yet comprehensive training available bar none.  Our online classes and lessons take you through a step-by-step program with periodic quizzes and ulimately, certification as a Freelance Factoring Broker or Commercial Finance Consultant.  Check out Current Pricing

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