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The IACFB’s Factoring Broker Magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants.com is the perfect way to begin learning more about our exciting industry and how you can join in to this unique opportunity.  Whether you are seeking a part-time or full time solution to home-based income solutions in this difficult economy, your need to begin earning residual income may just a few moments away by simply viewing our current monthly content on the magazine’s front page.  All archives and premium content available to IACFB Academy subscribers.

A monthly publication dedicated to brokers, consultants, and agents in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry. 

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Over 200 informative articles of interest for all those involved in the freelance business development side of the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry. 

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Dozens and dozens of articles for those new to the industry in our “Career and Startup” slider available to all opportunity seeking visitors.

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A great learning tool for new brokers and seasoned consultants alike.  Home cover page accessible to all.  Article archives available to all IACFB Members.

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Dozens of “Case Studies” in both our “Career and Startup” section as well as “Business Development” that almost always point you to new ideas and methods for developing commission income.

Our “Technology and Productivity” column keeps readers informed in new tech ideas for increasing both income and effectiveness. 

The economy and its effects on small business is key to business for freelancers.  Check out our new column on “Economy and Industry”