2023 Pricing: Factoring 101 Campus Access and Support

Launch Your New Career

Join us and become part of our exciting industry.  Begin your training as an IACFB Sponsored Agent or launch a prestigious new career as a Freelance 101 Industry Factoring Broker. It all begins with our easy to access training classes and lessons available at IACFB’s Magazine. 

  • Take the FREE training at the Campus Magazine
  • Purchase your Program…Sponsored Agent of Freelance Factoring 101 or Commercial Finance Consultant Consultant
  • Begin earning your share of our industry’s residual, life-of-account commission income.

IACFB Academy Factoring 101 Campus Academy and Program

Plus Directory of Factors and Lenders
$ 329
Plus $14.95 Monthly Hosting
  • Factoring 101, 202, 303 Broker Training
  • Broker Magazine Access
  • Discount FB-Series Broker Website
  • Discount Web Hosting

Sponsored Agent

Freelance Factoring 101 Broker

Commercial Finance Consultant

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