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IACFB Factoring 101 Training Guide. Order as an "Add-On" with Membership

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Academy Membership and Training

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Looking to learn more about our industry before you invest in your future?  You can explore the opportunities available to you in factoring and alternative commercial finance simply by becoming an IACFB Member through LinkedIn.  If you are already a LinkedIn Member, simply join our FREE Campus IACFB Group.  If you are not yet a LinkedIn member, do so.  

Take our FREE Boot Camp and Startup Course.  Available on the IACFB Factoring Broker Magazine 

IACFB Membership and
Magazine Subscription

Includes LinkedIn Group, Magazine & Directories
Free LinkedIn Group Membership
  • Explore Our Industry and Learn
  • Premium Magazine Content Access
  • Basic Lenders Directories Access and Listing
  • Boot Camp Access
  • DataMax Website Discounts

*IACFB Membership is FREE and provides the perfect cornerstone and “foot in the door” for those seeking to get started and learn more about alternative commercial finance consulting.

Factoring Broker Training

IACFB Academy sets the bar for affordable online training for those choosing a lucrative career path in factoring and alternative commercial finance.  For those new to the industry and even for some that are currently active as brokers and consultants, IACFB provides the content to take your business to an entirely new level with continuiong education and earnings potential.

IACFB Academy Membership
and Online Training Access

Includes All Campus 101, 202, 303 Training Classes
$ 79
Campus Membership Plus $4.95 Monthly
  • IACFB Factoring 101, 202, 303 Academy Access
  • Premium Magazine Content Access
  • Expanded Lenders Directories Access and Listing
  • Factoring 101 Training Guide Add-On
  • DataMax Website Discounts
  • Class Marker Certification Exams

**IACFB Academy Membership provides Factors, Lenders, and Brokers with greatly expanded lsiting options on the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  Academy Membership is also the perfect continuing education program for Merchant Cash ISO to expend their current business financeing product line.

Factoring Broker Studying Training Guide

With nearly 1,000 copies sold on Amazon, this IACFB Brokers Guide to Factoring has been credited for launching more factoring broker careers than any other publication.  For those seeking a text rather than online training, this 200+ page 5-star rated bound guide is available with FEDEX Ground shipping included in the Continental U.S.

IACFB Factoring 101 (Guide Only)

Includes Shipping Continental U.S.
$ 99
5-Star Rated 200 + Page Training Guide
  • Amazon 5-Star Rated
  • Complete Factoring Broker Training
  • The Perfect Start Up Manual for New Brokers
  • Includes Basic IACFB Membership Credentials
  • IACFB Directories Listing
  • Class Marker Certification Exams

***The IACFB Broker Training Guide is the perfect solution for this that would prefer a text rather than online training.  This is the 5-star rated 200+ page manual which sold nearly 1,000 copies on Amazon.

Academy Member Websites
(Includes Membership)

Launch your business today with an IACFB website and hosting package through DataMax

IACFB Sponsored Agent Membership

Includes SA-Series WordPress Website
$ 199
Plus $12.95 Monthly Hosting
  • Comprehensive Factoring Training Factoring 101
  • Factoring 202 Marketing Training
  • Factoring 303 Continuing Education
  • Expanded Series SA Website (DataMax)
  • Free Domain with SSL (annual hosting)
  • Class Marker Certification Exams

Freelance Factoring Broker Membership

Includes FB-Series WordPress Broker Website
$ 279
Plus $15.95 Monthly Hosting
  • 5-Star Rated Print Training
  • Broker Magazine Access
  • Special 101 Broker Website
  • Discount Web Hosting
  • Lenders Directory Listings
  • Class Marker Certification Exams

IACFB Partners Program
& Membership

Includes IACFB Partners Program Website for CFCs
$ 399
Plus $19.95 Monthly Hosting
  • Full Academy Training Program Access
  • IACFB Program Reimbursement Program
  • Partners-Only Expansive WordPress Website
  • DataMax SuperSite Website Option
  • IACFB Standard Industry Commission Program
  • Consultant Agency Training Program and Setup
  • IACFB Factors and Lenders Business Listing
  • Class Marker Certification Exams

Sponsored Agent
Membership Program

Join us and become part of our exciting and highly profitable industry as a Sponsored Agent.  This is how we highly recommend that you get your “foot in the door” and explore and/or develop your consulting capabilities.  Everyone that discovers our industry is attracted to our near-legendary residual income and opportunity.  The question is this.  Is this professional vocation the right fit for you?   The Sponsored Agent’s Program will answer that question for under $100.  Now includes COMPLETE access to IACFB Academy.

Freelance Factoring Broker
Membership Program

Join us and become part of our exciting industry.  Begin and launch your career by training as an IACFB Full Time Freelance 101 Industry Factoring Broker. Factoring 101

  • NOW includes Full Academy Access
  • Build your business as a powerful agency
  • Begin earning your share of our industry’s residual, life-of-account commission income.

Commercial Finance Consultant Program

While most opting for the included Special IACFB Professional Partners WordPress website, you can choose any DataMax Cash Flow Broker websites.  Often referred to as “SuperSites”, these websites, along with IACFB Academy training, literally open the doors to unlimited income potential.  They are truly a “Business-in-a-Box”.  In addition to all areas of commercial finance brokering, “SupersSites” also open the doors wide open to all the opportunities with affiliate marketing. 

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