Academy Training Upgrades

Sponsored Agent Training Upgrades at the Academy

Referrers: How to Access Factoring 101 Agent Training and the Academy

For many IACFB members such as accounting professional, tax preparers, bloggers, etc., referrer training at IACFB and our Kindle guide are all that is required to earn lucrative commission income for a part time career in factoring and alternative commercial finance.   For others, however, this part-time “referrer step is just the beginning of a whole new career. 

Accessing the additional training at the Academy simply means you have opted to enter one of our career programs here at IACFB;  the IACFB Sonsored Agents Program or the Freelance Factoring / Commercial Finance  Program or the Freelance Certified Commercial Finance Consultant Program.  Both are easy and low cost to enter and this is how you do it.

Referrers at IACFB

At IACFB, referrers come in all shapes and sizes.  Historically, our referrers have been members of the accounting industry and in particular, bookkeepers and tax preparerers.  Times change however and we now see more referrals from bloggers.  

Referrer Numbers Coming From Boot Camp

Boot Camp at the broker magazine has been the primary catalyst causing the influx of referrers at IACFB and that is simply because it make earning commission income so easy.  You only need to register as a free magazine subscriber and your in.  

If you have initially launched your factoring / consulting business as part time sponsored agent through IACFB and your early successes will  mean your are looking at a more career oriented move into the profession, there are several ways to do so and to some extent, it depends on your initial sponsor.

Upgrading Through Your Sponsor

At IACFB, all those that enter the “Agents” programs are “sponsored”.  You will either have…

  • a factor as your sponsor
  • an IACFB freelance broker/consultant as your sponsor
  • IACFB itself as your sponsor

Having a Factor as Your Sponsor:

If you entered the industry as the result of a factor being your sponsor, you likely we provided your basic agent training without cost through the factor’s arrangement through IACFB.  If you have submitted several deals successfully through the factor, he/she will likely compensate you for part of the cost for your professional Factoring 101 training at the Campus.  In fact, many factors will provide IACFB Broker Training FREE as a BONUS or Perk during contests for client referrals. 

Having an Existing Factoring 101 Freelance Consultant as Your Sponsor

If you were initially recruited as sponsored agent by one of our Freelance Consultants as part of his or her agency, just like any factor, they will typically sponsor your additionally training since you’ve now proven yourself by submitting successful deals.  Again, just like a factor, most successful consultants running agencies will offer additional training when once you reach some level of success as their agent.

Having IACFB as Your Sponsor  

If you are an agent that was recruited by IACFB, we automatically reward you with FULL CAMPUS TRAINING once you have submitted your first successful deal though IACFB Wholesale Financing.

Additionally, you can opt to enter one of the career factoring broker training programs at any time.  As you will learn or already discovered, training at the IACFB Academy is very affordable no matter what path you take.