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Get Started: Select Your Sponsor

Welcome to the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (IACFB), the premier online training facility for referrers, brokers, and consultants in the exciting commercial factoring industry. Getting started with IACFB is easy. 

  1. SELECT YOUR SPONSOR: All IACFB subscribers to the academy are “sponsored” by a factoring and alternative commercial finance community member. (see below)
  2. SUBSCRIBE: Once you are sponsored, simply subscribe to obtain access to the academy, launch your business, and begin earning as an agent, broker, or consultant. 
How to Find Your Sponsor

Locating Your Sponsor for Training

Access to the Broker Training Campus at the Academy requires sponsorship, but the process is straightforward and there are three methods to subscribe. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

  1. VISIT THE LENDERS DIRECTORIES:  The IACFB Lenders Directories is an expansive database of factors and lenders, with the majority seeking to expand their network of well-trained brokers and consultants.  When viewing the listing card of any lender, mouse over it to expand.  Those displaying “Seeking Brokers and Referrers” are industry lenders that will sponsor you.
  2. VISIT THE IACFB LINKEDIN GROUP:  The Campus IACFB Group on LinkedIn acts as our Academy forum.  It is free, public and you can join.  Once approved and a member of the Group, you may see factors and lenders posting an ad “Seeking to Expand Our Network” ads. You can request Academy sponsorship from a lender post, or you can post a “Seeking Academy Sponsorship” in the Group.
  3. VISIT IACFB MAGAZINE: In addition to expansive broker content, many factors have “Company Showcases” displayed to provide new brokers with details regarding the benefits of working with their company as a broker consultant.  From the Magazine’s MENU, you can select CATEGORIES to display factors with detailed showcases.

View IACFB Magazine

Complimentary FREE Access and Training
Free Factoring Broker Training at Campus IACFB

Free Academy Access. Look for the Blue Checkmark

Many factors and lenders are also “members” of IACFB and as such, can provide you FREE training access to the Academy under their training unbrella.  Factors that are IACFB Members display a checkmark highlighted in blue on their listing cards at the Lenders Directories. 

When visiting the IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders and seeking a “sponsor“, those displaying a blue-highlighted check mark are IACFB Lending Members of the Academy and, as such, can provide you with a “Promo Code” as a Registered Guest of the Academy which provides you with 30 days FREE Training Access to the Academy.