Agent Examination-Pass

Congratulations: You Passed!

Congratulations in receiving a passing score on the Sponsored Agent certification exam.  You are now ready to begin earning your fair share of our industry’s near-legendary commissions and fees. 

To assist you in getting started, your excellent exam score rewards you with a valuable  “Promo Coupon”.  You will now be up and operational with your new site for $50 INCLUDEDING YOUR IACFB MEMBERSHIP. 

 Enter this code “SUCCESS” at check out at DataMax 


Set up your Sponsored Agent Website

  • Click the GREEN BUTTON above to visit DataMax
  • Login using your DataMax credentials, NOT your credentials here at the Campus
  • After login from your Dashboard, look to the left bottom and select “Order New Services”
  • From the “Standard Services” (Enterprise Website Hosting), you will see other categories of hosting.
  • Select “Campus IACFB Factoring and Business Finance Broker” 
  • From the IACFB options select SA-Series Sponsored Agent Website
  • You will be able to use your Promo Code “SUCCESS” to discount your purchase.  
  • Currently your discount due to your excellent score on the proficiency exam will reflect a total price of $50.00 including your IACFB subscription.

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