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Starting any home business today can offer a range of important advantages, especially in the current inflationary economy.  And when it comes to launching a new home enterprise, few opportunities can compare to becoming an independent consultant factoring and alternative commercial finance.  And the great news is, almost anyone can succeed in our industry and build a dependable second income with the help of IACFB. And here is how to get started literally pennies a day.  BECOME AN IACFB MEMBER!

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Partner First Deal
$300 Bonus Cash

Sponsored Agents (IACFB ONLY) earn DOUBLE your first accepted deal REIMBURSEMENT BONUS.  $100 Bonus PLUS standard 50/50 commission.  8/1/23 thru 8/31/23.  Log into the Members Area for details.

Current Member
Active Challenges

Three GREAT Active member Challenges active for August including our popular “LEADS” Challenges .  Check out the details on all current active “challenges” on the IACFB Factoring Broker Magazine.

"Big Buck Bonanza" Partners Agent Contest Up to $5,000

For business development for our Partners and Freelance Brokers, nothing is more important than building your Agents Network.  And with IACFB help, you can build you network  and earn up to $5,000.

Partners Program

The standard cost of the Partners Program is $397.00

No.  When we used to teach this course with “live” training for 3 days, we had many refer to this has a “college level” course and well worth the effort and cost (it was over $5,000).  The internet makes these types of courses much, much easier to deliver.  Learning the products is not very difficult at all.

The Partners Program has complete e-learning at the Academy which includes Factoring 101, 202, and 303

Yes.  The Partners Program is a “Hybrid” program which provides all the training of a “Freelance Broker” but with the mentoring of an agent.  All website leads come through IACFB

Well, the proper term in the industry is “Clients”.  IACFB Partners will primarily use networking but we also have many that use direct marketing.  Factoring 202 has everything you will need for direct marketing such as mail stuffers, cover letters, brochures, etc.

Yes!  For the Partners Program, we provide very expansive websites that are Identical to the sire we use at IACFB Wholesale.  

Website Hosting for the Partners Program is $17.95 which includes access to the Academy.  Always make certain your hosting remians current

Partners Program

Becuase the Partners Program is limited, the subscription IS NOT located with the normal sign up area at DataMax.  If you are…

  • on the IACFB mailing list, you will be notified if your protected location’s website has been activated
  • interested to enter immediately, you can request your area / location to be opened by requesting conference call.  (click here) 

To a great extent, you will work from a protected area since we control the domains and obviously benefit if our websites generate the sales leads and not someone elses.  If you are in a location, we do not duplicate that location.. 

Partners qualify for several bonuses.  Partners…

  • receive $200 each for their first two (2) accepted deals.  This is reimbursement for the cost of the program
  • Program Subscription Reimbursement:  Partners monthly subscription ($13.95) is reimbursed monthly with the submission of three (3) Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

As the Partner, you will receive 25% of the subscription fee ($99.95) for every sponsored agent you enlist. A regular subscription of $99.95 earns the partner $25.  Partners also have the ability to offer promo code discounts to agents of ot to 75% (See details Factoring 303)

Become an IACFB Partner

Get involved in this great industry.  Become an IACFB Member and begin learning the industry. This is the perfect way to get your “foot in the door” in the lucrative business of factoring and alternative commercial finance brokering. 

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