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The IACFB PALs Referrer Program

The “PALs Referrer Program” at the Academy is a complimentary program that is sponsored by IACFB Wholesale Operations.  PAL provides IACFB members (referrers) the ability to operate as agents in specific geographic regions or areas without the costs associated with a website, a domain, or hosting. . The training for this program includes…

  • Boot Camp training at IACFB Magazine
  • IACFB Factoring 101 Broker Training Guide 
  • Association as an agent with an IACFB Partners website 
  • A Class Marker Training Exam

This course is designed for any and all home business entrepreneurs seeking to earn monthly passive income through referrals to IACFB.

Become an IACFB PAL

The PALs Referrer Program at IACFB is a complementary basis training program available though the IACFB Magazine. This program is targeted to very part-time individuals that are simply seeking a supplemental source of monthly income by referring leads to IACFB Wholesale Finance. 

The PALs Referrer Program provides several online training tools specifically available to IACFB Magazine readers.  

Program Requirements

This program is open to …

  • IACFB Members
  • in active  “Partners Active Locations” (PAL) See Pal Active Locations
  • those with a valid email address
  • those with a valid phone number

Cost to Join a PAL

You must be an IACFB Member.    

How to Join a PAL 

The PAL program and the course is available to those residing in “active” PAL locations.  In most cases you will be notified when the FREE course and program is “active” in your area.  Optionally, you may request a particular PAL location to be opened in your immediate area.  

If you are interested in PAL, simply click the ENROLL NOW button below.  If available in your location, we will provide you with a PAL Promo Code for the 30 day FREE IACFB Membership for PAL.

How Much Can I Earn as a PAL?

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