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In addition to commercial factors, the IACFB Lenders Directories also maintains a database (directory) of alternative lenders such as those that provide merchant cash advance services.  For IACFB Brokers, this area is growing rapidly and though commercial factoring and asset-based lending will be the chosen service for business owners operating B2B, these “alternative” soltions providers for companies selling B2C or directly to consumers can provide important capital options when traditional bank loans are not available. IACFB directories provides our network of brokers and consultants with over 100 merchant cash advance listings in our new “searchable” lenders directory database

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The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is an important component of your broker relationships with IACFB academy graduates.  All factors and lenders are provided with a FREE basic listing.  Member listings, however, provide significant benefits and upgrades.  

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Your IACFB directories listing is already operational and you’ve been provided a link to it via email.  You can update that listing and correct any errors by simply completing the form below.  If you are interested in expanding your listing and becoming an IACFB Lender/Member, simply click here to view our YouTube Presentation Series for Lenders.

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About Your Listing

For a basic listing, your Company Description area is one of your most important entry areas.  This is where brokers and referrers quickly learn about your company.  Make certain you enter information about your client preferences and especially about the industries you seek to finance.  

The 50 for 50 promotion is a promotion to provide 50 Company Profiles for a NEW monthly column at the IACFB Magazine.  Lender Upgrades will be held at $29.95 instead of $79.95 until we reach the 50 total Profiles.

Factors tend to have unique programs and specialties.  Tell us what you would like to include in your listing and we will add it if possible.

About Your Listing

When choosing your “standard preferences” for clients financed, consider adding unique industries that you have financed in the past.  This will make your company “stand out” in the searches. 

While we only provide one map which should be your primary operational office, we will list additional offices with address for you.

Since prospective clients see the directories, we do not post actual commission rates you pay for referring brokers.  You actual commission rates and programs are provided by you on your “Company Showcase” available on the IACFB Magazine.  

Company Showcases are special pages at the IACFB Magazine that “showcase” your company for IACFB brokers.  Showcases are completely flexible where you can provide broker agreement downloads, special commission programs, special contact information for BDOs and more.  

As a member/factor, you can provide members of your referral programs “Registered Guest” access to the Academy training area.  Along with your “Showcase” this can be marketed as your own in-house training program to develop expanded referral networks.  See more on the Registered Guest Program at the Academy.

Your Gallery Images

All IACFB member listing include an image gallery.  This is up to three (3) images placed above your company’s description.  You can use images of your staff, building, operations area, happy customers, preferred industries, etc.  

Send you images to  Images should be 600px x 400px or similar.  We will size all images for insertion.