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2023 IACFB "Big Buck Bonanza" Contest

An Agent Onboarding Contest for IACFB Partners

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Build Your Agent Networks and Earn $5,000

All Career IACFB Professional Brokers and Consultants know the value and importance of building your referral networks.  Bank lending officers as well as accounting professionals are critical but just as important is  your Agent Referral Network.  In fact, in Factoring 202 when show you exactly how to build that network with a goal of a minimum of one hundred (100) Agent working under you as part of your Agency. To help you reach that goal, IACFB had created a contest where you can earn up to $5,000 in affiliate earnings.

How the "BIG BUCKS BONANZA" Contest Works

Onboard Your Agent Network and Earn

In today’s economy, banks are not lending.  That means for factoring brokers and alternative commercial finance consultants, now is the time to build your business exponentially.  And the easiest method of doing just that is to enlist a network of lead-generating highly training referrers or “Sponsored Agents”. 

When you enlist a new Agent / Referrer, the initial cost is just $99.95.  Your standard affiliate commission for your onboarding efforts of Agents is $25% or $25.00 per setup.  During this 2023 Agent Onboarding Contest, you will earn up to $2,500 “Bonus Bucks” to assist you with your sales effort.    

Agency Training at Factoring 202

Remember, all of the training for developing your business as an “Agency” is available in Factoring 202.

Affiliate and Affiliate Bonus Bucks Payment

1-10 Agents
11-25 Agents
26-50 Agents
51 Agents or More

All Freelance Consultants and members of the IACFB Partners Program are automatically signed up to the DataMax Affiliates Program.  As a member of the program, you’ll earn

  • FAST STARTER LEVEL 1-10 New Agent Subscriptions: $25 per agent affiliate PLUS $10 BONUS BUCKS 
  • CRUSHING IT LEVEL 11-25 New Agent Subscriptions:  $25 per agent affiliate PLUS $15 BONUS BUCKS  
  • SUPERSTAR  LEVEL LEVEL: 26-50 New Agent Subscriptions: $25 per agent PLUS $20 BONUS BUCKS
  • HALL OF FAME LEVEL 51 New Agent Subscriptions: $25 per agent PLUS $25 matching BONUS BUCKS.

Matching Affiliate Commissions:  That’s right, once you are at the 50 plus level, not only will you be earning BIG Affiliate Commissions, but you will also be receiving Sales Qualified Leads for your business. 

Questions and Answers About the "Big Buck Bonanza" Partnership Onboarding Contest

The Partnership Onboarding Contest runs from August 1st through December 15th.  

Your standard 25% ($25) for each new Agent you enlist is paid using the standard DataMax Affiliate Program terms  or you can request an affiliate payment whenever you affiliate account balance reaches $100.  The “BONUS BUCKS” contest payment is made on Friday, December 15th, 2023 

Your agents go through the standard product training at the Academy and the Boot Camp Training at the IACFB Magazine.

Absolutely.  The Amazon Kindle Guide was designed for a very low cost method of learning more about out industry.  It’s a great way to onboard new agent candidates.

You can track your Affiliate Balances by simply logging into your dashboard in your account at DataMax Hosting.  Your affiliate balances are available there.

As an IACFB Factoring 101 Broker or Partner, you have Discount Coupons you can provide to candidates.  Bear in mind, however, the discount coupons also affect your BONUS Payouts on the contest affiliate commissions.

If you are considering coming in to the business with a career focus and as a Freelance Consultant, your fastest method of building your business exponentially is by building “networks”.  One of the most important networks for you to begin construction from day one is to enlist referrers as Sponsored Agents.  Here is an article on the Magazine for more information