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Using Discount Coupons

Using Discount Coupons

The standard cost of becoming a Sponsored Agent through IACFB is $99.95 plus hosting.  As a freelance consultant, you have the option / opportunity to provide your agent candidates with discounts regarding their training and their website landing page set up which can lower their cost to just $24.95.  These discounts will dramatically increase the number of agents you will attract.  It will, however, dramatically decrease the earnings you receive from your Affiliates Program commissions. 

Using Discount Coupons

As freelance factoring brokers, you are provided with the following coupon (promo) codes.

  • FB-2499   This code provides a $25 dollars off of the regular $99.95 price of the Sponsored Agents Program 
  • FB-4998  This code provides $50 off
  • FB-7496   This code provides $75 off

Example 1

Using your networking on LinkedIn, you have a follower that is interested in what you do and wants to earn some referral commissions.  He is a retired banker with lots of connections and you provide him with the FB-7496 promo code.  This agent uses your website’s REFERRAL PAGE to click your Affiliate Link so you earn commission.  Your new agent, using that link AND promo code, pays only $24.95 setup + $14.99 domain + $12.95 first month’s hosting fee.  You earn $6.25 affiliate commission on the set up and $3.34 on the first month’s hosting.  You will earn $3.34 going forward monthly on the hosting.  No commission earned on domains.

Example 2

Using your networking on Twitter, you have a following who is looking for some “part time” income and is interested in your opportunity.  Using your link on your Referral Page, you provide this agent with a $25 dollar discount (FB-2499).  This new agent with this promo code pays $74.95 setup plus opts for annual hosting fee (discounted) $119.40 rather than monthly.  Domain is FREE with annual hosting.  This agent pays $74.94 + $119.40 = $194.35.  Your Affiliate Commission is $48.59 and you will earn a residual commission of 25% of the $119.40 when renewed next year.

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