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Business Card Design

Business Card Design

A business card is one of the most important marketing tools that you have at your disposal. It is a physical representation of your company that you can give to potential and existing customers, but even more importantly, your business card is shared with those that can refer business to you.  A well-designed business card can make a lasting impression and help you to stand out from your competition. Designing a professional business card is important

Business Card Design

Even in the digital age, business cards are still an important marketing tool and, in fact, they may be more important than ever before for those still engaged in face-to-face networking such as factoring brokers and agents.  Here are the reasons why business cards are still important:

  • They provide a physical representation of your business that you can give to potential clients and referral sources
  • They are inexpensive!  They are an affordable marketing tool that can be ordered in bulk for a significant discount
  • They are easy to distribute and can be carried around easily
  • They help to build relationships with customers and create a personal connection
  • They can be used as an icebreaker at networking events
  • They can be used as a referral tool by providing them to referral sources and friends.

Design of Your Business Cards

For factoring brokers, consultants, and agents, the proper use of business cards at networking events can lead to significant opportunities to begin building relationships with prospective clients and also quality sources of referral.  Done correctly, business cards provide you with the perfect opportunity to use your “well-rehearsed” Elevator Pitch.

When designing your card, make your card “professional”.  Shy away from “glitz and craziness” in design.  Use only black ink, a easy read font, and printed  on white stock.  Make sure you include your email, phone, and website address.  And most importantly, include your business products / solutions in the upper right corner.  Be prepared with your “elevator pitch” when a bank loan officer or accounting professional looks at your card and says, “Hmmm…factoring.  What is factoring?”

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