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Email & Form Options

Email & Forms Options

You have several options regarding email for your website and business and although standard plugins for your submissions forms on your website visitors are straight forward, the benefits of the forms generated by Pipedrive CRM are obvious.  Pipedrive forms are note only easy to set up, but with every submission you will automatically a “deal” is logged in for you.  YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A PROSPECT OR DEAL FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS USING PIPEDRIVE FORMS.

Initial Email & Forms Options

When setting up your email for your new site, we will create a “submissions@” mailing address which we will initially uses for your site’s WordPress forms.  There are two options for website mail which are “Round Cube” and Horde.  We find Horde the most professional and we set that up for you.  Additionally, we can set up other email boxes for you.

Pipedrive Forms

If you opt for the Pipedrive CRM and its pop form, we will set up your forms in your system and then install the button for the form for you.  It is actually very easy to do but we will set that up for you.  You can learn more about email options and the benefits of the Pipedrive forms at DataMax Support.  

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