Sponsored Agent Training at Campus IACFB

Getting Started in the Factoring Industry

Welcome to the IACFB Sponsored Agent Program.  The IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is a program designed to train Cash Flow Brokers and Mortgage Note Brokers to how to supplement and grow their Cash Flow Business by becoming knowledgeable in factoring and business finance.  The IACFB Sponsored Agent Program provides everything  you will require to begin earning our industry’s life of account residual commission income that can dramatically increase your annual income as a Cash Flow / Note Broker.  View the short video at left  to find out how the program works.

The Sponsored Agent program is basically exactly what it sound like.  As a member of this highly profitable home business, you will work part time as an agent for a “Sponsor”.  Your sponsor can be a (an) …

  • Industry Factor
  • Professional Commercial Finance Consultant

It is your choice how you enter the program but since the training is such low cost, you must ultimately be sponsored.  Sponsored Agents typically act as “interns” that generate Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) leads for their Sponsors. 

 This is a “foot-in-the-door”  program and is a very, very, easy home business where you have absolutely NO PAPERWORK, contracts, applications, etc. and can work when and how you desire.  Your primary job as an agent is to drive interested business owners to your provided website / landing page where they can download an informative booklet (an offer) in PDF format once they complete a short form.  As an Agent, your JOB IS NOW DONE!  Your sponsor takes over and does the rest.  If your visitor / prospect become a factoring or loan client, you will earn / share in the commission.  This is literally one of the easiest home businesses on the planet.  REMEMBER, this is a very low cost program sponsored by the factoring industry and it’s very easy to join and start up. 

2022 Sponsored Agent Q &A

Sign Up and Join the Program

Sponsored Agent is an introductory program for those new to the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry.  It is specifrically for “part-time” referrers seeking a professional home business opportunity in factoring.

Entering the Sponsored Program is very easy.  Simply click the GREEN BUTTON  link above to visit the DataMax page displaying the Sponsored Agent Templates.  Choose a template and follow the easy to follow instructions.  Your default sponsor is IACFB.  If you are sponsored by an IACFB Freelance Professional or by an industry factor, then enter your PROMO CODE for the discount / free website.

All agents will purchase a domain through DataMax when entering as a Sponsored Agent.  Your domain is important and if you are having difficulty choosing a good business name and domain name, here is a good article at the magazine that provides you with some tips.  (Click here) 

The standard cost of the IACFB Sponsored Agent Program is $99.99 plus monthly hosting.  Your domain is $14.99 per year through DataMax.  Click the GREEN BUTTON ABOVE  Select…


The standard cost of the Sponsored Agent Program at IACFB is $99.95 place monthly hosting.  If you are provided with a discount, enter the PROMO Code when prompted when checking out at DataMax Hosting  www.datamaxhosting.com

Every Sponsored Agent website includes a WordPress Landing Page and typically, your new Landing Page will be operational within 24 hours.  CONFIRMATION PAGE which is the primary tool used to generate leads for your sponsor.  The Confirmation Page is responsible for dispensing the booklet…“When Banks Say No…The Small Business Guide to Factoring“.  Every time a business owner downloads the booklet, evidencing their interest in factoring, your sponsor will follow up on that lead.

Begin Your Training / Get Operational

Once your Sponsored Agent Program is processed (usually within a few hours), you will be provided with your login credentials here at the Academy to access Factoring 101 “Lite” training.

As an IACFB Sponsored Agent, you locate business owners in need of “asset-based” finance.  They cannot access regular finance.  They need an “alternative”.  They need asset-based finance.

Your WordPress Landing Page includes a form for visitors to complete to request a FREE Booklet.  This is your primary lead generator. Once the form is completed, it displays your  CONFIRMATION PAGE where your qualified lead can download the booklet and also a “Company Profile”, a standard application where your prospect can request a FREE FINANCING PROPOSAL.

Sponsored Agents are simply “lead-generators ” and develop factoring leads though the use of networking (social media), and by promoting a FREE OFFER BOOKLET using a provided WordPress Landing Page built within one of  your sponsor’s Small Business Finance Website.

All of the Lead-Generating Landing Pages for Agents all include a WordPress Blog.  Authoring articles that you post on your blog are an exceptional way to generate quality leads.  You are not, however. required  to use your blog and we can delete any link to you blog when we set up your navigation on you MENU.

Get More Information

For those business opportunity seekers with a focus on a part-time, highly flexible opportunity and one that is very easy to succeed with, the Sponsored Agents Program at IACFB may well be the perfect opportunity for you. Find out more by visiting the Factoring Broker Magazine as well as IACFB’s NEW YouTube Channel.

This program (Sponsored Agent) is not only an exceptional way to begin earning residual commissions in your spare time, but the program is very affordable (about $100).  Many factors and professional commercial finance consultants can provide you with PROMO COUPON CODES.  Ask!

Enter the Program

To enter the program:

  • Click the GREEN button below and complete the form
  • From the DMS Agent Templates, select your Landing Page
  • From the DMS Agent Page, click the “Set Up Your Sponsored Agent Hosting” Button