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The Registered Guest Crash Course includes a series of lessons and links for those individuals initially exploring a career or a home-business enterprise based on factoring and small business finance alternatives.  This is a free and complimentary course and is accessible to all those that have registered as a Campus Guest.  Login is not required for access but the Table of Contents for Lessons is PASSWORD  PROTECTED.  You will be provided with the password to view the Table of Contents when you register by completing the form below.

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The Registered Guest Crash Course provides an excellent introduction to the industry and will provide you with enough basic information to actually begin referring  clients in need of factoring services to IACFB and earning a share of the residual commission income that has made the industry famous.  To get started, simply click the Click for Registration button on the form image at right, complete the popup form and SUBMIT.  You will receive a CONFIRMATION  with your PASSWORD and link to the Registered Guest Crash Course.