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Questions About the Sponsored Agent Program

Becoming a Sponsored Agent for IACFB   is FREE.  Agents can opt for a Training Program that is included with any Factoring Agent Landing Page provided by DataMax Marketing Systems.  (click here) 

Standard hosting and setup for your WordPress Landing Page is just $29,95 which includes your domain and Landing Page set up, special forms, business email, etc. subscription for your Sponsored Agent Program.  Landing Page Cost is $99.95 through DataMax.   IACFB and all IACFB Freelance Brokers provide you with a $100 PROMO COUPON that effectively reduces the cost of the template itself to $0.  Upon acceptance of your first accepted deal through IACFB Wholesale, you are reimbursed 100% of your cost of setup ($29.95) and up to 1 year hosting ( $109.95).   This assumes you have selected IACFB as your “sponsor”.  If you have selected an industry factor as your sponsor, it is not reimbursable by IACFB.

When you enter the Sponsored Agent Program, IACFB is your default sponsor automatically which means your website submission forms will be coded to submit duplicate response requests for your booklet offer to IACFB for follow up.

Although you can request to be sponsored by any factor, the best way to choose a factor is to align yourself with one of the factors advertising for “agents” on IACFB’s LinkedIn Group at Campus IACFB Factoring.  The only requirement for sponsorship from IACFB’s end is we need to know an acceptable email address for your factor or your assigned BDO so they can get a copy of and see the leads you generate and follow up for you.

Many of IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultants build agent networks just like factors and IACFB. Basically, they choose you.  You do not choose them.  They will advertise for “Agents Wanted” on IACFB’s LinkedIn Group or, alternatively, you can advertise for a broker to work with.

No.  IACFB will always be your “default” sponsor for the program.  You can change sponsors at any time but DataMax will need to “recode” you submission forms on your WordPress Landing page.

Yes.  All Sponsored Agent Landing Pages include a standard WordPress blog which will be a key marketing tool for most agents. 

Yes.  When we set up your Landing Page, the blog link in the Navigation Bar can be eliminated from you menu.  From the lead-generation standpoint, however, that is an enormous mistake.  The combination of blogging and social media is very powerful lead generation tool for your business as a Sponsored Agent since you will likely not be utilizing direct marketing.  Being a Sponsored Agent means networking and posting blog articles is a great way to build your network.

Absolutely.  The sidebar on any blog page provides you with the space to utilize affiliate marketing which is another reason to learn how to operate your blog and earn commission income.

Absolutely and many part-time agents do so when they have built up some month commission income and find they can change their vocation.  Remember, factoring commissions are residual and paid for the life-of-the-account.  Once you have build a clientele, it is likely you will be receiving residual commission income from it for many years.  

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