How to Subscribe

Membership and Pricing

How to Subscribe

For those entrepreneurs and home-based business opportunity seekers that have discovered the unique opportunities offered by the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry, IACFB offers a choice of two powerful training options based upon your anticipated method of doing business.  These are the Factoring 101 program which is perfect for part-time practitioners, and the Freelance Consultant Program for those with a more career orientation and focus. 

Factoring 101 & Sponsored Agent

For 2022, the Factoring 101 training program along with the popular Sponsored Agents option are now provided as included and complimentary training with IACFB Membership. 


There are two (2) options for subscribing to IACFB.

  1. Membership Fee: $99.95 (see FREE Sponsored Agent Promo Details)
  2. Monthly Subscription (Option 1):  $12.95 per month …OR…
  3. Annual Subscription (Option 2):  Annual subscription of $119.40 ($9.95 per month).  Annual subscription includes BONUS content of IACFB’s 5 Star-Rated Factoring Broker Startup Guide with over 200+ pages of comprehensive factoring content and marketing tips.  Free shipping in Continental U.S.
  4. FREE website hosting
  5. FREE business email

What's Included

Factoring 101 Training is now included with IACFB Membership and includes:

  • Included: The Factoring 101 course with all classes and lessons
  • Included: Print version Start Up Guide with FREE delivery in Continental U.S.  (annual hosting option required)
  • Included: SBF-Agent Landing Page (WordPress) available as a FREE option.
  • Add-On: DataMax FB Series Factoring Broker Website $99.95 includes hosting 
  • Add-On: Freelance Consultant Program $149.95

Freelance Consultant Program (Add-On)

The IACFB Freelance Consultant Program takes your training and business to the “professional level and provides dollar for dollar, the most comprehensive training and support available to those interested in a career as an independent industry factoring / loan broker.  In addition to the Factoring 101 training inclusive with your IACFB Membership, the Factoring Consultant Program Add-On includes Factoring 202 Marketing and Productivity Training, Campus Annex (Business-in-a-Box) Marketing Aids, Factoring 303 Financial Product Continuing Education, and access to IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders


The Freelance Consultant Program is an “add-on” which can be added on to your membership at any time.  When setting up your membership initially, select the Freelance Consultant Program when “configuring” your membership.  If you are already a member and have finished your Factoring 101 training and would now like to upgrade, simply log into your dashboard at DataMax Hosting and from your dashboard’s NAVIGATION BAR, select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADD-ONS.

What's Included

The Freelance Consultant Program (Factoring 202 and 303) is the program for the individual that strives to become a true “industry professional” loan broker.  It includes:

  • Factoring 202 Marketing and Productivity Training and support
  • Factoring 303 Continuing Education (Finance Products)
  • The Directory of American Factors and Lenders.
  • Business-in-a-Box Marketing Aid Templates (flyers, brochures, mail stuffers, etc.)