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Cash Flow Consulting for Factoring Brokers

The home-business of Cash Flow Broker is an exceptionally popular business opportunity that, like Discount Note Broker, has been around for decades.  In fact, those that engage in this business typically utilizes discount mortgage notes as their cornerstone product area and then add other “cash flow” products areas such as business notes, factoring, structured settlement cash outs, inheritance advances, pre-settlement legal advances, lottery and gaming award cash outs, and others unique product areas to add additional commission income opportunities to their core note business.  In addition the marketing required for its mortgage note component, this is a business that will be very dependent on networking and most Cash Flow Brokers will utilize a combination of blogging and social media to generate the leads needed for this business to thrive.

Cash Flow Consulting For Factoring Brokers

Cash Flow Consultants take the business of mortgage note brokering to a higher professional level.  No longer focusing on strictly owner financed mortgage notes, cash flow brokers act as middlemen on a host of additional products such as…

  • Business Notes:  Notes created when a business is sold and the seller holds paper
  • Gaming Award Annuities:  Lump sum cash outs of annuities and payment streams awarded to winners of lotteries and Vegas-style gaming payouts
  • Structured Settlements:  Lump sum cash outs of payment streams awarded in a lawsuit often involving a personal injury.
  • Inheritance Advances:  Cash advances made to those waiting for a verified inheritance to clear probate
  • Pre-Legal Settlement Advances:  Cash advances made to plaintiffs in cases of personal injury, wrongful death, and product liability cases.
  • Life Settlements:  The purchase of life insurance policies particularly from seniors in amounts that exceed the policy’s cash value
  • Factoring & Commercial Finance:  The elephant in the room.  Commercial finance product brokering opens enormous doors to earning very high commissions which are often residual in nature, such as with accounts receivable factoring.

Working with Note Investors

Note investors use their own savings or capital they have raised to purchase consumer paper.  This can be anything from buy-here pay here auto paper to rent to own furniture.  By far, however, the most popular product area is residential owner financed mortgage notes due to their exceptional collateral.  All such note investing is considered sub-prime since it usual involves an owner who could not qualify for a traditional mortgage or loan offered through a bank or similar institution.

Note Brokers and Cash Flow Brokers work closely with institutional note investors and others that are wholesale buyers of their various products.  Brokers earn a “finders fee” when referring a note seller to the appropriate institution.  In most cases, brokers (finders) are not required to obtain professional licenses so long as the remain strictly “finders” and do not get involved in contracting or completing legal documents.  More on mortgage note investing.

Mortgage Note Brokers

Rather than investing in mortgages, note brokers use various marketing methods to seek out holders of mortgage notes that need to raise cash for various reasons and are willing to sell their high-yield notes to do so.  In their valuable role as “finders”, note brokers usually align themselves with one or two institutional note buyers who will pay a “finder’s fee” for quality referrals that result in a successful note purchase. 

Cash Flow Brokers: Expanded Opportunities

Without question, Cash Flow Brokering is a step up from traditional mortgage note brokering and is an exceptional (and popular) vocation.  From a cash investment standpoint, brokering cash flows is at the opposite end of the spectrum from “note investing”.  Actually investing in notes requires capital and lots of it.  Brokering in cash flows is probably one of the least expensive entrepreneurial enterprises to launch.  It is very, very networking intensive but requires little in the way of other expenses.  In fact, if you are very active with social media and online networking, you can be in the industry as a finder, operating at full throttle, for less than $50 per month including a website, hosting, and a CRM system.

Successful note brokers (finders) spend endless hours building lists of prospects as well as lists and relationships with professionals (such as accounting professional) that can lead to referrals.  You will definitely need a CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) for this business but quality systems such as Pipedrive, can be subscribed to for under $20 per month.  The larger your network of professionals, the more referrals will come your way.  It takes time and persistence, however, to develop these relationships and the problem most common among those that enter this very popular industry is they simply lack the ability and perseverance to stick with it.  

The Note Holders Handbook

Lead generation in notes is all about “OFFERS” and all note brokers and cash flow brokers utilize a FREE QUOTE OFFER to attract leads.  An additional and powerful offer provided through DataMax is the Note Holders Handbook which can be used as a very effective marketing tool to help build your lists of note holders.  The Note Holders Handbook is…

  • integrated into all Cash Flow Broker Templates and dispensed automatically after the Contact Us form is completed
  • downloadable for all using Note Broker Templates  (download here)

Blogging and This Enterprise

Because of the enormity of the various product areas found in the Cash Flow Industry, blogging is playing a larger and larger role in productivity for brokers in this industry.  In fact, for many brokers, blogging is one of their primary sources of lead generation. 

All Cash Flow Consultant, Note Investor, and Note Broker websites purchased through DataMax now have the option of having  a  WordPress Blog installed for just $39.95.  We highly recommend blog installation due to the enormous marketing opportunities found by running a successful blog.

Expanding Real Estate Opportunities

Of all the various enterprises available as business opportunities, few can compare when it comes expanding the note business into other opportunities.  Since discount notes are basically a real estate product, practitioners in this vocation have the opportunity to expand their business into such areas as…

  • Real Estate Wholesaling
  • Lease Option Investing
  • Mobile Home Investing
  • Fix and Flip Opportunities

Networking, Blogging, and Relationship Building

Cash Flow Consulting is all about relationships or, in other words, who you know.  Accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers, investment professionals and bank lending offices are all individuals that should be high on any cash flow broker’s list when it comes to networking and especially those consultants engaged in the commercial side of the industry and products such as…

  • commercial factoring
  • asset-based lending
  • merchant cash advance
  • export trade finance

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for BlogAffiliate Marketing for Cash Flow Consultantss

Because of the expansive array of product areas associated with the cash flow industry, this enterprise is literally perfect for those involved in affiliate marketing.  Adding high-payout affiliate links to your blog can provide a stable income for consultants and especially home-based, part-time practitioners.  Common high payout affiliate products include…

  • Debt Relief Programs
  • Credit Cards
  • Security and Home Security Systems
  • Business Loans and Factoring Platforms
  • Crowd Funding Platforms
  • Insurance Affiliate Programs
  • Consumer Loans / Payday Loans
  • Legal Affiliates / Contracts / Estates / Legal Documents

DataMax Blog Support

DataMax has some of the lowest blog hosting fees available on the web.  Anyone…and we mean anyone can setup a WordPress blog that can be used to support your networking / marketing efforts for your Cash Flow Consultant business but to also generate attractive affiliate commissions.  There are dozens upon dozens of books on the subject available from Amazon.com  You can also, set up your own blog using a separate domain.  For those wanting some assistance in the initial setup of an independent blog, we offer our Pro Plan for note brokers, cash flow consultants, and factoring brokers.  (see more)