Get Active: Set Up Your DataMax Website Now

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Lesson 1.12: Get Active: Set Up Your DataMax Website Now.

Ready to launch a home-based factoring and small business finance consultancy?  If so, IACFB can provide you with all the necessary broker training and support you will require to succeed.  To get started, simply determine how you want to operate your business and select your program and website from the options below.

Activate a Website and Get Started in Factoring

To get started in factoring and begin earning the residual, life of account commission income the factoring industry has become famous for, simply…

  1. Select an entry method (either part-time Sponsored Agent or career-oriented Freelance Broker / Consultant
  2. Research and choose a good (respectable) name for your business and a domain name (see article linked in right column)
  3. Purchase a SA Series Landing Page (Agent) or a FB-Series Professional Broker Website (Freelance Broker / Consultant
  4. If purchasing an SA Landing Page your training is provided (off-campus)
  5. If purchasing a FB-Series Professional Website, select your training add-ons at checkout (Factoring 101, 202, and 303)

Whether entering the factoring and small business finance industry on a part time or full time basis, this home-based vocation almost has no equal due to it’s flexibility, low cost of entry, and, of course, income potential.  This is a business you can get started in for pennies a day and actually succeed in doing nothing more than going through some IACFB training, getting active on social media, and of course setting up a business website for marketing and lead-generation.  To get started, the first thing you will need is a business name and a website domain.

Business Name & Domain

Selecting the business name you will operate under and it’s associated domain is very important.  You are entering a very, very professional field of endeavor to how potential customers perceive you is critical. Avoid “gimmicky” business names and domains at all costs. In the column at right there is a link to an article that will give you some insight into what makes a good business name and related domain name.

Choose a Website Template

To set up your business website, you will choose from one of the “SA” Series Landing Pages or an “FB-Series” factoring broker website templates provided by DataMax.  To view the templates, go to  Once you have made a template choice, follow the instructions and click the button to be taken to DataMax Hosting where you will purchase a domain and set up your hosting account.

Enter Your Domain

Your first task to activate your membership is to set up and enter your domain.  You have three choices:

  • Purchase a new domain through DataMax (it’s FREE with annual hosting)
  • Transfer an existing domain in
  • Update the name servers on an existing domain you have already purchase from another provider other than DataMax.

If you are setting up a new FREE domain for your membership, enter it in the text box and click the BLUE “Check” button which will tell you if that domain is available for you or if it is already taken.  If it is taken, you will need to choose another.  If you already own a domain and are going to point it to our servers at IACFB, select the third option and proceed.  Enter that domain when prompted and click the “Use” Button and then “Continue”. 

Selecting Add-Ons

When checking out, you have options for “add-ons” depending on whether you are coming in as a Sponsored Agent or a Freelance Broker Consultant.

ADD-ONS SPONSORED AGENT:  This is an all-inclusive program with training, WordPress Landing Page, domain, and hosting provided at just $9.95 per month ($119.40 per year).  For Sponsored Agents electing IACFB as their sponsor, the annual fee of $119.40 is fully reimbursable upon acceptance and funding of your first deal through IACFB Wholesale.  Add-ons for Sponsored Agents include…
  • a print version of our 5-star rated Factoring Broker Startup Guide ($59.95)
  • Factoring 101 online training course ($99.95)
  • Secure Site SSL Certificate ($39.95)

ADDONS-ONS FREELANCE INDEPENDENT BROKERS AND CONSULTANTS:  Freelance brokers and consultants have the following “add-ons” available to them at check out…

  • Factoring 101 online professional factoring training course ($99.95)
  • Factoring 202 online professional marketing and business development course ($99.95)
  • Factoring 303 online professional advance financial products course ($99.95)
  • Secure Site SSL Certificate ($39.95)

Complete Your Checkout

Complete your checkout process.  Once completed, we will activate your account typically within just a few hours if you have joined during normal business hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST).  Once we have activated your account, we will generate your “Master Password” for your Campus Training access and also for your new business email associated with your website domain.

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