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Lesson 1.11: IACFB Magazine

For both new and existing factoring brokers and consultants, IACFB Magazine, located at www.commercialfinanceconsultants.com, provides the largest resource for industry articles pertinent to the business of brokering factoring, asset-based lending, and many other alternative small business finance solution available on the web.  All industry brokers should bookmark the magazine’s URL and visit it periodically to stay up to date on its many informative articles and training lessons.

Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine is a “fremium” publication of IACFB and is a great place for those new to the brokering business to learn more about the exceptional opportunities to be found for enterprising entrepreneurs as “loan brokers” in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry.  The magazine is divided into two parts or sections:

  • Front Page:  This is the content viewable when you visit the landing page of the website.  It is free to anyone that visits from the web.
  • Archived Content:  Archived content is “protected content” and requires a login to access.  Archived Content is available to all IACFB members in good standing and to access a “protected article”, simply use the identical password provided to you for access to you training program here at the Campus Academy.

Click the image below to visit IACFB magazine at Commercial Finance Consultants now.

Additional Content for Registered Guests from CFC Magazine.