Submitting a Deal or a Lead

Registered Guest Crash Course at the Learning Lab

Lesson 1.10: Submitting a Deal or a Lead

Whether you enter the industry as a Sponsored Agent (referrer) or as a professional Factoring Broker or Commercial Finance Consultant, submitting a deal to a factor or financing source, simply could not be easier.  As the “Broker of Record”, your job is one of simple lead generation.  You have no part in contracting or actual financing.  Your entire job focus is simply “lead generation”.  In fact, for Sponsored Agents, most of the job of deal submission is done automatically through your DataMax Landing Page.  Your job, is to drive visitors (business owners in need of financing, to it.  And the more visitors you send, the more leads you will generate.

Submitting a Deal or Lead

Even though you are just getting started in the industry as a Registered Guest and have yet to subscribe to any IACFB Program for training, that does not mean you cannot begin earning commission income immediately.  In fact in many cases, our Registered Guests here at the Campus have discovered IACFB and out broker training and support programs due to having a friend or family in need of business finance that local banks cannot provide.  If you currently have a prospect or lead you know that needs financing, you can begin your brokering career right now by submitting that lead to IACFB and becoming the broker of record.  

Once you have gone through one of our independent broker training programs, you will likely submit your deals directly through a factor you are working with.  Until then, however, you can begin earning commissions immediately by referring clients to IACFB Wholesale Operations.  Deal Submission is done through the main IACFB website at  To submit a deal go to…

  • From the navigation bar, select CAMPUS IACFB > GET EARNING > SUBMIT A DEAL NOW

You can visit and explore the deal submission area right now by clicking here.

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