How to Get Started

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Lesson 1.09: How to Get Started

Getting started as an industry factoring broker / small business finance consultant is very easy and affordable with the assistance of IACFB.  Simply determine which program is right for you, purchase that programs website from DataMax, and then begin training and learning about brokering and the industry at Campus IACFB.

Learn more about IACFB’s professional career programs from the video at left and then read the informative lesson below.

How to Get Started

One of the most attractive features about business loan brokering and the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry is its flexibility when it comes to participation.  Or, in other words, there is a place for virtually anyone in the industry and at IACFB, we have a training and support program for just about anyone.  

Enter as a “Sponsored Agent”

Entering the industry as a “Sponsored Agent” simply means you will be working strictly part time using networking as you primary method of generating leads for prospective clients and be submitting those leads to a “sponsor”.  Your sponsor will either be an industry factor or IACFB itself and using staff at to assist in closing your deals. So to be clear, agents do nothing more than generate leads though a DataMax designed WordPress Landing Page, generate leads through networking and that landing page, and then submit those leads to IACFB or your sponsoring factor of choice.  As previously mentioned, to become a Sponsored Agent, you need only to set up an agent landing page through DataMax and then complete the free and complementary Agent Training Program here at the Campus.  The cost of the Landing Page is just $99.95 per year including hosting and annual domain fee.

When entering as a “Sponsored Agent”, IACFB will be your “default” sponsor.  You may, however, select an industry factor as your sponsor as an alternative and to find factors that are interested in sponsoring new brokers as agents and for IACFB training go to the IACFB LinkedIn Group and register.  You can then post a comment “Requesting  Sponsorship” and a factor will likely contact you.  Sponsorship by an industry factor will likely have a little less support than IACFB but will provide a higher commission rate.

Enter as a Freelance Factoring Broker or Consultant  

Even if you cannot initially enter the industry with full time capabilities, so long as your intentions are to work towards an actual career, either of the two standard broker / consultant training programs at IACFB offer the industry’s most affordable method on industry entry.
  • Factoring 101 Program:  An exceptional program which features add-on training courses (Factoring 101 and Factoring 202) with features training and support for the four primary financial tools needed for most business finance including asset-based lending, factoring, purchase order finance, merchant cash advance.
  • Freelance CFC Program:  This program includes all products featured in the Factoring 101 and 202 training program but also adds Factoring 303’s Import – Export trade finance solutions, equipment leasing, and all cash flow industry brokered products such as mortgage notes, structured settlements, and lotteries.

To enter the highly professional Factoring 101 Program, you simply need to purchase any FB-Series Factoring Broker Website from DataMax Marketing Systems.  The Factoring 101, 202, and 303 courses can then be purchased as an add-on training at any time.  The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is included with the purchase of any FB-Series WordPress Factoring Broker website and selection of the Factoring 303 add-on.  For current website pricing, purchase information, and setup instruction, go to 

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