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Lesson 1.06: Cost to Enter the Industry

Those exploring home business opportunities are almost all impresed with the income potential available as a successful factoring  / small business finance consultant.  What makes this home-based business even more attractive is the relative low cost required to enter the industry whether on a part time of full time career basis.  

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Cost to Enter the Industry and Get Operational

One of the most exceptionally attractive characteristics of the independent business development side of the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry, the “brokering” side, is the associated costs of actually becoming an agent / broker and then getting started.  As we’ve said before, this is an industry (and business opportunity) for anyone and everyone and here are the basics.

Agents (Referrers)

Agents, are what we here at IACFB refer to as referrers or industry “bird dogs” and by far, this is the most popular method of getting involved with the industry as the associated costs to do so range from zero to miniscule.  Becoming an agent simply means you…

  • have enough knowledge to know what factoring is and how it works
  • have some method of marketing that knowledge
  • know how to make a referral to a factor and earn your commission

The easiest way to become an “Agent” is to simply purchase an Agent Landing Page from Datamax Marketing Systems ($99.95 per year) which provides free membership and off-campus agent training at IACFB.  IACFB’s Agent Training Course and Lessons which will provide you with all the factoring knowledge you will require to open your doors.

You will also need a method to market your knowledge and again, your DataMax Landing Page provides you with your “primary weapon”, a FREE “give-a-way offer of an informative booklet entitled “When Banks Say NO!…The Small Business Guide to Factoring” which, along with your WordPress Blog and participation in social media, gives you the tools to generate Sales Qualified Leads for you Sponsoring Factor or IACFB.  Your blog and the lead-generating booklet are FREE with your membership / Landing Page.  Your only expense under the all-inclusing Sponsored Agents Program is your monthly hosting of just $9.95 per month (paid annually).  

As a Sponsored Agent, you can make your prospect / client referrals to IACFB or to the factor of your choice and earn your monthly residual life-of-account commission income.  Literally, your cost of starting this exceptional home-business opportunity, if you have a computer and small home office space, is just your DataMax Landing Page.  Even your domain is provided under this program.  Can you think of any other home business that for just $9.95 a month offers the near-legendary residual monthly income that is featured in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry?

Freelance Factoring Brokers and Commercial Finance Consultants

Factoring Brokers and Commercial Finance Consultants are at the opposite end of the industry spectrum from agents.  They will still operate from the convenience of a minimal cost home office and their training through IACFB will still be modest (though much more comprehensive), but their operational expenses will be higher primarily due to the way they will market. 

Agents (referrers) strictly market by utilizing their normal daily interactions and through  social media so for the most part, they have little or no marketing expenses and this is what makes running your home business as an agent so attractive.  Freelance factoring brokers and consultants operate much differently and on a much more professional basis.  They will use direct marketing to generate leads which means printing and postage expense and will join multiple clubs, associations, and organizations which means membership fees. 

Because of their utilization of direct marketing as a major method of developing leads, freelance brokers and consultants will be “list builders” which means they will need the organizational power of a CRM or Customer Relationship Manager which will actually organize their entire business for them.  Fortunately, most CRMs are now cloud-based and a quality CRM can be subscribed to for $25 or less per month. Still, so long as you already have a quality laptop or desktop computer and printer / copier, the cost of entering the industry on even the most professional basis is still modest and especially when you consider the income potential for those that succeed  in entering this unique, under-the-radar vocation.

Professional Bloggers

We are adding professional bloggers as an option to this lesson simply because of the…

  • absolute explosive popularity of the blogging and online business profession / industry
  • ease by which bloggers can integrate a factoring and business finance referral side business into their blogs
  • low cost / no cost nature of blogging and the income potential for those that enter the industry professionally.  

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